A Champion in the Making: Nita’s Rise to Success on the Badminton Court

Nita, an adolescent girl from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, is a first-generation learner in her family. She is one of three children from her community to get selected in the Junior Badminton Championship tournament in Delhi.

Unfortunately, Nita’s family faced a deteriorating financial condition that forced her elder sister and brother out of school. She could’ve had a similar fate but CRY’s education intervention ensured a different future for her. Through the education support class Nita was able to strengthen her foundation in education. Despite the challenges, she works hard to excel in whatever she does, whether it’s academics or sports. In her last annual examination, she stood third in her class.

Nita has also received the Junior Badminton Championship scholarship. The project team supported her to learn everything about badminton, provided her the coach and then she represented her state. She has set an example for other youth in her village, showing them and their parents that new doors can open through hard work in any field.

Despite her personal obstacles, including the need to travel far distances to practice badminton, Nita’s drive and love for the sport helped her excel to new heights. She also secured second position in the National Sport for Change competition conducted by the HCL Foundation.

Her badminton coach, Hemant, said, “In the initial days, she didn’t even know how to hold the racket, but now if you see her, you can easily conclude that she not only knows about the racket and shuttle but also knows how to make a game plan to win the matches.” Nita is determined to continue improving her game and achieve success in the future.

Girls from the Bedia community in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh are at multiple risks and vulnerabilities as the community is engaged in commercial sex work as the primary source of livelihood. 50% women have never been to school and 95% have dropped out before grade 8. Girls aged 10-15 years are most susceptible to being pushed into the sex trade by their family, thus being denied education. This leads to early pregnancies, physical abuse, malnutrition and other psychological problems.

CRY America’s Project Samvedna has a two-pronged approach – working with the survivors for their rehabilitation and reintegration and prioritizing prevention for the vulnerable members of the community through advocacy and direct intervention. Education, mentoring, and counselling have been taken as primary tools. The key activities are running children’s activity centers, establishing digital learning centers, connecting vulnerable children to open schools, and awareness generation with parents and the community on back-to-school safety campaigns in the villages.


drop out children enrolled in open schools


students enrolled in hostels at Bhopal


children are preparing for police and armed forces jobs


children and adolescent group with 279 Members sensitized


Life skill module was conducted with 279 adolescent children


children enrolled in Child Activity Centers(CAC)


children enrolled in Digital Learning Center

● Community members will be sensitized on the issue of education of the children in 8 villages
● Running a DLC centre for 25 children in tie up with NIIT Foundation in one project village
● 12 meeting with the stakeholders in 8 villages on Right to Education
● 30 children will be given admission in Bhopal hostels
● Ensuring School Development Plans are implemented as per plan in 8 villages spread across Bhopal, Vidhisa, Raisen and Rajgarh
● Six Monthly parents-teacher meeting at Bhopal Hostels
● Regular home visits to 1346 households to meet parents and keep them updated about their child’s progress in the CAC.
● 12 Parent-Teacher’s meeting in CAC to share updates regarding child’s performance
● Conduct regular meetings with 8 Children groups & 8 Adolescent girls groups
● Conducting 5 Life skill sessions based on Child centre module
● Periodic meetings between Bedia youth pursuing alternate career options and children who are in CACs and hostels.
● 2 life skill training sessions for Community Workers

2023 Grant Disbursed $35,900