A journey of learning and support

Saurabh Miri faced the challenges of life in the urban slum, Chuchuhiyapara. Struggling to make ends meet, his family found it difficult to cover Saurabh’s school expenses.

Saurabh’s academic hurdles multiplied when the pandemic disrupted school, leaving gaps in his learning. However, CRY’s Bridge course program, specifically the CARC sessions at Chuchuhiyapara helped him greatly. Here, dedicated teachers provided Saurabh with an extra 3-4 hours of study time daily, helping him navigate through grammar rules and conquer challenging math problems.

Saurabh’s parents soon noticed a significant change in their son. Despite the hurdles, he excelled in his studies. Saurabh’s story is one of perseverance, support, and the joy of learning, proving that education could triumph over challenges.

Bilaspur is a region in Chhattisgarh where education is a huge problem faced by the communities living there. Lack of access to quality education and infrastructure results in children dropping out of school and getting involved in child labor. The pandemic worsened the situation as children began facing issues with digital learning coupled with increased financial burden on the family. Thus resulting in children dropping out of school.

CRY America’s Project MMKSS works towards creating children’s collectives, sensitizing the School Management Committee (SMCs), ensuring children in the age of 3 to 6 years attend preschool, and teacher learning support is provided to teachers. The key activities under the project are linking children with scholarship schemes, vulnerability mapping and work regarding installation of kitchen gardens in model schools and Anganwadi Centers.


children collective meetings held


youth successfully admitted to college


children transitioned from Anganwadi Centers to Grade 1


children enrolled in Anganwadi Centers (3-6yrs)


girls trained on online safety


girls participated in the Period Shame campaign to try & break the taboo related with menstruation


irregular children (3-6yrs) regularized through Parent-Teacher Meeting

● All 5 School Management Committee (SMC) to be trained on Right To Education (RTE)
● School Development Plans (SDP) will be prepared in 6 schools through SMCs
● Project staff and Ward Parshad orientation on GPDP Plan
● Ensure 100 irregular Anganwadi children are regularized
● Atleast 50 adolescents to go for college admission by end of this year session
● Formation of 8 new Adolescent Girls Collectives and 4 new Boys Collective
● Ensure 20 children participate in school sports and also in community level they participate in sports event

2023 Grant Disbursed $21,182