Breaking barriers with education

Mahesh, residing in a small village in Udaipur’s Kotra block, had a speech impediment that left him feeling isolated among the other children. Despite his family’s desire for Mahesh to receive an education, they hesitated due to the fear of potential bullying.

Change arrived when a CRY America project team established a Community Action Center (CAC) in Mahesh’s village, offering educational opportunities. The team, upon learning about Mahesh’s situation, convinced his parents that education was crucial for his future, and his speech impediment shouldn’t be a hindrance. They promised to educate other children against ridiculing Mahesh.

After persistent efforts, Mahesh’s parents agreed to let him attend the CAC. Overcoming initial shyness, Mahesh, with the support of the CRY team, started attending regularly. The nurturing environment allowed him to feel like a regular child in his village.

Today, Mahesh is an enthusiastic participant at the CAC, catching up on the education he missed. No longer burdened by shame, he communicates effectively, showcasing the transformative impact of CRY’s efforts. With newfound confidence, Mahesh’s future is now brighter than ever, demonstrating the potential for positive change in the face of adversity.

In the Kotra block of Udaipur, education of tribal children continues to be a matter of serious concern. Surveys and studies in southern Rajasthan repeatedly indicate that a large number of tribal children drop out after completing primary school or middle school. The major reasons for dropping out early from school besides poverty is the poor quality of education, non-availability and lack of accountability among teachers.

CRY America’s Project KAS is working to build capacity in the communities in order to ensure quality education for children. The project engages with the community and schools to mainstream drop out and never been to school children and also works at providing information on infrastructural gaps in health and hygiene with School Management Committees. Spreading awareness on the right to education, child protection and child labor issues and linking families with social security schemes are regular activities undertaken.


children enrolled in schools/centers


Appointment of 12 field teachers in project area


children irregular at school regularized


children participated in life skill sessions


meetings of the School Management Committees organized


Remedial support to 415 children to improve learning levels

● Regularizing VCPC meetings in 11 intervention villages
● Organise SMC meetings in 6 Primary and 3 Secondary Schools
● Engagement with 6 children collectives in 6 primary schools
● Life skill Orientation of the 6 school teachers and 5 CAC teachers
● Monthly Children Collectives meeting in each of the 6 primary schools. Similar meeting with 2 adolescent girls collective
● Formation of CBOs in 11 villages
● Parent teacher meeting to be held regularly by the 6 school teachers and 5 CAC teachers about learning levels and other issues
● 30 children will receive training and support for higher studies/vocational choices
● Assessment will be done for the requirement of AWC in the intervention village

2023 Grant Disbursed $30,852