About CRY America

CRY America, an NGO in the USA, stands as a powerful advocate for underprivileged children, addressing their rights, education, healthcare, and overall development. Being an NGO for children, our focus lies in promoting child rights and extending crucial support. Through strategic partnerships, impactful campaigns, and effective grassroots projects, we, as a leading non-profit organization, strive to empower every child. Our goal is to ensure they have access to a nurturing environment with ample opportunities to thrive.

CRY America believes that every child deserves a happy, healthy and creative childhood.

We work tirelessly to ensure that underprivileged children complete their education, get proper nutrition, have access to quality healthcare and stay protected from child labour and child marriage.

Since 2004, we have impacted the lives of over 700,000 children and, with your support, aim to create brighter futures for many more!

About Us

Our Impact

There is nothing more precious than a child’s smile. Since 2004, CRY America has helped create more than
700,000 happy childhoods thanks to supporters like YOU!

Ngo For Children


Children impacted overall

Children In School


6-18 years children in schools

Ngo For Children


0-1 years children fully immunized

Public Schools For Children


Public schools activated

Villege Freed From Child Labor


Villages freed from child labor

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Children's collectives formed/strengthened

Children In School


Children mainstreamed into schools

Rescued Children From Labor - CRY America


Rescued children (labor or trafficked) mainstreamed in formal education

Our Focus Areas

Education For Children
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Education For Children

Ensuring that children go to school and complete their education Know More

Health And Nutrition
Health & Nutrition
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Health And Nutrition
Health &

Increasing access to proper nutrition and quality healthcare Know More

Safety Protection
Safety & Protection
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Safety Protection
Safety &

Addressing issues like child labor, child marriage and child trafficking Know More

Child Participation
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Child Participation

Creating an environment where children's voices are heard and considered Know More

Our Approach

We address children’s critical needs by working with multiple stakeholders, including the children themselves, to bring about lasting change.

Ngo For Children

Gather Media Support

Mobilize Donor

Engage Volunteers

Collective Action

Create Awareness

Partner With
Local Nonprofits

Identify The Problem

Donor Voices

Yogita Manghnani, Seattle Volunteer: Child marriage takes away a girl’s right to a happy childhood. It forces her to give up her education & family to take on the role of a wife at a very young age. The girl child may not be ready to handle pregnancies, leading to complications for both the mom and baby. She deserves to enjoy her childhood, play and go to school just like a male child; contribute to the family and society at her own terms; choose to marry when she is physically and emotionally ready to build her own family.

Yogita Maghnani
CRY America Volunteer

I got the inspiration to join CRY from my Dad. His deeds inspired me to give back to the society which led me to volunteer with CRY America, that has made a great impact by providing the basic needs to underprivileged children. I am privileged to be associated with CRY and to help raise funds for its noble cause gives me a great sense of achievement. It is the smiles on the faces of these children that keeps me going and inspires me to continue serving them through CRY.

Kinnery Mehta
CRY America Volunteer

“Children should have a busy life – playing with friends, eating healthy food, studying, growing themselves creatively and intellectually and showered with love. Instead, when children are asked to earn a living for themselves and their families, they’re robbed of their basic human rights. We feel that for the cost of a birthday party a year, you could change the future of a child. Then why not?”

Jigar Thakkar & Sangeeta Mudnal
CRY America Donor

“CRY is a one of a kind NGO that embraces a holistic approach providing health, education, and nutrition to ensure a safer and better future for children in India. We are touched by the breadth and level of commitment of its volunteers, donors and partners. It is an honor to serve with CRY in our own little way.”

Harsh & Rupal Patil
CRY America Donors

“Educating a child has a profound ripple effect. Not only will it improve a child’s life but that of its family, community and country leading to the overall enrichment of mankind.”

Anita Agarwal
CRY America Donor

“What makes CRY America special is the drive and the genuineness of the volunteer team, year after year.  By adopting projects themselves, some of these volunteers have put their money where their mouth is.  Thank you CRY America for making giving so easy and impactful.”

Usha Rao
CRY America Donor

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